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Precarious Situation

On the road again. providing quality education, one contract at a time.

What is Precarious Situation all about?

Precarious Situation is a campaign coming out of the work of a team of dedicated Unit 3 members called The Precarity Working Group. Upon the conclusion of Unit 3 bargaining in 2017, the bargaining team was unable to make large headway on developing a clear path towards permanent work for employees working on precarious contracts. The University of Toronto was not even interested in forming a working group, so Unit 3 members decided that they would develop their own working group dedicated to research, mobilization, and member education around the precarious situation of contract academic workers on campus.

The Faces of Precarity

Some of the many faces of precarity at UofT. Thanks for performing at Labour of Love: Precarity Road Show

Catriona Wright


Catriona Wright is the author of the poetry collection Table Manners (Véhicule Press, 2017) and the short story collection Difficult People (Nightwood Editions, 2018). She works in the Engineering Communication Program. 

E M Nolan

poet, essayist, editor

E Martin Nolan is a poet, essayist and editor. He edits interviews at The Puritanwhere he’s also published numerous essays, interviews and blog posts. His non-fiction writing focuses on literature, sports and music. His first book of poems, Still Point, was published with Invisible Publishing in Fall, 2017. More at emartinnolan.com

Judith Muster

Writing instructor

Judith Muster is a Writing Instructor at the University of Toronto. Her musical project, within, is a Toronto trio that embraces complexity. Over the past five years, they have crafted a unique, poetic sound, grounded in minimalist folk. within’s meticulous and unconventional song structures explore desire, disillusionment and vulnerability, and blend tradition with an avant-garde sensibility.

Nataliya Laptyeva


Nataliya Lapteva is a mathematician, and a competitive Irish dancer. She has been dancing for 13 years and has participated in professional company shows, including a performance at the Opening Ceremonies of the Toronto PanAm Games 2015.  She will perform a Contemporary Set Dance, which is one of the three dances performed at a competition.

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